Property Investments

Why is property investment in Malta a wise choice to make?

Malta is definitely the place to invest in property. This applies to property investments for development projects, family future planning, buy-to-let, and also retirement planning. Malta’s geographic location being a small country in the centre of the Mediterranean, surrounded by crystal blue seas, its rich history and a sound and stable economy are a few of the reasons why Malta is this popular amongst its visitors. Its favorable climate and stable economy, make buying a property in Malta the ideal investment.

Despite a global economy hit and several EU credit ratings being downgraded, Malta was granted an A+ credit rating by Standard and Poor’s, Moody’s and Fitch ratings. Experts have forecasted that following the Covid-19 global pandemic, Malta will continue to be one of the fastest-growing countries in Europe, with a strong economic growth going forward, therefore property shall continue strive forward.

International companies continue to relocate to Malta given the support and incentives also provided by the local Government. As a result, the property market has risen alongside the country’s GDP. Malta is also being favourable considered as a launching platform for innovative development projects, whilst taking care to preserve Maltese heritage and eco sustainability.

Sliema & St.Julians seaside

So if you are considering a seafront residence maybe in a Special Designated Area (SDA), a luxury apartment in a new skyscraper development, villa, bungalow or a traditional townhouse, contact Buy Property and we will make sure we will tailor make your property search to one that matches your requirements and budget.

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